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Meet your Scottish Tour Guides

The first Criteria to be a Guide with our company is Personality, and loads of it!  Secondly, an undying love of Scotland and everything this great wee country represents. Third, knowledge…not just about the facts and figures represented in books. Real knowlege, of how the people think, our habits, sayings.

For us, the worst possible guide is the one who could tell you exactly how many people died in the Battle of Culloden, but couldn’t tell you the words of the ‘Jeely Piece Song’!

Many Guides make the mistake that you have signed up for a lecture on Scottish History and fill you with facts and figures by the bucket load!  We remember that you are not at School, you are on vacation!!!!

Yes with us, you’ll get the stories, but it will be littered with fun facts, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Our Guides will ensure that you go home, remembering the jokes, the anecdotes and the personality of your guide!

Brian has worked for around 28 years in tourism, has travelled the world and visited 97 countries.

People say that nobody can say that they have travelled all around the world, I say, “nobody can say that they have travelled all over Scotland.” Scotland is the Biggest Small Country in the World.

Brian Collie

What Steve doesn’t know about Scotland is simply not worth knowing! His stories keep you mesmorised from start to finish!

Steve makes his own Targes, shields used in the days of the Jacobites. His craftsmanship is superb and he would happily make you a Targe with your Clan Crest. Each Targe is unique to you, one of a kind.

Steve Hay

Rob is the funniest guy in the history of tour guiding. He will make you feel at ease from the moment you meet him.

Robs ‘forte’ is photography, if you’re on a tour with Rob, the chances are that you will have loads of photo opportunities!

The Scottish weather and landscape changes so much that no two views are the same…
” you’ve got to capture the moment”

Rob Hall

Colin is our very own ‘Mountain Man’.

His background is in the military, Royal Air Force where he laterly worked as a winchman on search and rescue missions in the Scottish Highlands.

You can be assured you are in safe hands with Colin as your guide.He has a very laid back and friendly demeanor, you’ll have a great tour with Colin.

Andrew is a friendly, outgoing history graduate and former archeologist with extensive knowkedge of Scotland.

His knowledge extends to the modern world with a great insight into Scottish Society & Politics.

Above all, Andy likes a laugh and will leave you with great memories of our wee country.

Andrew Sharpe